Frequently Asked Questions

Since there are many bright opportunities of career at the UPSers you might get confused. There is nothing wrong with clearing the confusion by asking the questions. UPSers have designed the FAQ section to clear all the confusion of the employees and customers. Have a look at the FAQ below.


I am being shown a message “No Information” when I make an attempt to track my parcel. What should I do?

This message simply means that UPSers doesn’t have any information regarding your parcel. It is recommended to contact the UPSers Customer Support in this case.

How much time it usually takes for the UPSers to deliver the package?

UPSers are very much particular about delivering the parcel within time. UPSers have designed the time calculator to calculate the approximate time of delivery.

I am being shown the message “In Transit” while checking the status of the parcel. What does it mean?

“In Transit” means that your parcel is on the UPSers premises and will be delivered to you shortly.

My parcel should have been delivered but it not. What is the solution for the same?

UPSers generally delivers the parcel by 8 p.m. But if it is a holiday, your parcel will be delivered on the next business day.

I want to make my career at the UPSers. Can I? And if yes, then how do I apply at UPSers?

Yes, sure. You are welcomed to be a member of the UPSers family. You can find the vacancies at the UPSers in the career section of the UPSers. You can apply to any of those of your choice.